Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hi. I am so sorry that I didn't blog last week. It was just a hard last week for me. So I have a lot of news for this week. On last Friday me and my boyfriend Johnathan broke up. I cried so much. So the next day he missed me a lot so we got back together. So school is over for the summer. I'm on to high school. I'm really scared. But I'll get used to it. So Johnathan came over. It was amzing. We kissed.....a lot. I loved it. Oh. I found out that I'm going to Utah on July 24. I'll be leaving my state of Pennsylvania adn flying all the way to Utah. Now I don't arrive in Utah. I arrive in Las Vegas, which is really cool. So I'm excited about that. Oh. The MTV Movie Awards came on last week. Twilight won 5 awards. I was so excited. And I got to see the New Moon trailer. It looks really good. I'm excited. So Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out in 32 days!!! I'm excited. Well that's all the news for this week. Continue to pray for me and I'll pray for you.


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello. I have to apologize. I did not blog last Sunday. It was just a bad week for me. So moving right along with the news. My boyfriend of 11 months broke up with me. I cried so much.I felt like Bella in New Moon. But it's ok. I have a new boyfriend. His name's Johnathon and he's the sweetest guy I've ever known. He tells me that he loves me and he calls me beautiful. He's like a part of me now. Schools almost over. I only have 5 days left. I'm a little sad. I don't want to leave the middle school. But it's ok. So on my first day of summer vacation guess what I get to do while everyone else is sleeping in? I get to get up at 5:30 a.m. and go to my summer job. I have to work in my mom's office. I have to file and copy and print documents. The only benifit is that I get money. I only work 2 days out of 5 too. I need to go to church. I haven't gone in 2 weeks. I'll go next week. I have just one more anouncement. If your a Twilight fan then tune into the MTV Movie Awards tonight at 9. They are showing the New Moon trailer. I'm super excited. That's all for this week.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hello. I have alot of news this week.First off, my parents went to Argentina. It was hard to see them go, but they'll be back tomorrow.I can't wait. Anyways. I've almost finshed the Harry Potter series. It's such a good series. I can't wait for the movie. Moving along, I've started to use a diary. Ever since I started to read "The Diary of Anne Frank" ( for the 100th time ) I've realized that I have alot to say. Since I have so much to say, I find it easier to express those toughts and feeling in writing instead of saying every thought aloud. Well I thought I had alot of news but I guess I don't have as much as I thought I had. So continue to pray for me and I'll continue to pray for you.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hi. It's Kelsey. I have a bit of news for this week. On Tuesday I went to the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. It was really fun. I'll post some videos of the trip sometime soon but I can't right now because my camera is broken. Anyways, my parents have officially left for Argentina. They will be gone for 1 week. While they're gone I'll be traveling also. Not really. I'm spending the school week at my Nana's and the weekend at my best friend's house. The most horrible thing about staying at my Nana's is that there is no computer. So I'll be spending the majority of my time during the school week at my aunts, which is just down the road from my Nana's. My aunt has a computer so I'll be able to "surf the web". I can't wait until the weeks over, so I can go back home. It will go fast, I think. So that's all the news I have for this week. Keep me in your prayers and I'll continue to keep you in mine.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My New Church

I am so sorry. I told you that I would blog every Sunday. I've just been so busy. So starting right now I'll start blogging every Sunday. Well, I don't have alot of news, but I do have some. I've started to go to a new church. I used to go to this one room country church just up the road from where I live. Well I stopped going to church for a few months. Then on April 2,2009, my friend's mom took us to see "The Passion" play at Chestnut Ridge Church in West Virginia. I immediately fell in love with it. So the next day I went to see it again. I loved it even more than the first time I saw it. Then to top it all off, I went one last time( the play had six total shows, so I went 3 out of 6 shows). Since I thought the play was extremely good, I decided that I wanted to go to this church. The only problem was, I had no way to get there. I can't drive and my mom couldn't take me because she had her own church to attend. So the last time I went to see the play it was my other friend's mom that took us. Her mom loved the play and decided to go to a service. So I asked her if I could go with her and of course she said yes. So on the Sunday after Easter, I went to that church. It was so awesome. I loved it. They had a band and lights and good music. So I decided that's where I wanted to go to church at permanently. So the next weekend I was supposed to go to church with my friend again. That was our plan. Since my mom could never take me, my friend's mom would just pick me up on the way to church every Sunday. Well she canceled. I was upset but I prayed that I would go next Sunday. So last night I called my friend to make sure we were going to church. Well yet again she canceled. I was so angry and sad. I told my mom and she said she would take me to the 9 o'clock service. So this morning I put on a dress( a rare thing for me) and we went to church. It was great. And plus I got to see the guy I like that goes there. I'll give you his blogger link. So I got home from church and realized that there was a purpose for me to go see "The Passion". It's purpose was to let me go to Chestnut Ridge Church. "The Passion" has brought me so much closer to God and church. So after the troublesome process I went through to go to the church that I believe He has destined me to go to, I feel that it's made me realize that God answers prayers. Hopefully next year I'll be on stage in "The Passsion( at least that's what I'm praying for). Well that's all the news for this week. I promise I'll start blogging on Sunday. So just keep praying for me and I'll continue to pray for you.
P.S. The two pictures on top are pictures of my church. The one on the top is the auditoriun. It's where our service is held. The picture on the bottom is the church itself. It's huge.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


So this is my first blog. I decided to make a blog to share things about myself. You might find my blogs boring or exciting. Whatever you do, I'm doing them for the fun of it. I'll probably add a new blog every week. So read my blogs. Hope you enjoy!!